gripkid (gripkid) wrote in bangchar_trivia,


first off i'd like to thank you guys that have joined and posted please bear with me as i get everything organized in this com. me and my fam. have just moved *dad's in the airforce* and now i have better internet acess anyways the i'm going to have the trivia q.'s once a week and i'm thinking about have mid-weekly screen caps. contests too *i put up a pic. and whoever can come up with the best caption wins* but for now i'd like to concertrate on the trivia speaking of which this times winner is br0kenw1ngs she got every single question right i'm going to make banners for the winners *yours will come between today or tommorrow* i'm not an expert at making them but i do a pretty good job just don't expect any flashy things lol but if anyone is interested in making them i will give them the winner ahead of time and then they could make ahead of time i'm also looking for an awesome layout for this community so if any of you know where i could find one perfect for this comm. post on my livejournal *gripkid* i'm also working on promotional stuff to send to other buffy/angel/charmed communities so if you guys are in a community and wouldn't mind spreading the word about this one that would be greatly appreciated :-) i'll be back this afternoon with some trivia q's thank's again --gripkid
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