Buffy, Angel, and Charmed trivia

Test your skills!

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I've been a fan of these show since their first episode lol I love them all very much. This is a Community Dedicated to Buffy, Angel, and Charmed Trivia so come in to test your knowledge on any of these area's, also inside Screencap's Contest so come in and poke fun at what you think the charector's should be saying.......

I will post Quiz's and Screencap's Weekly and will post Weekly Winners for both subjects

Here are a few rules:

*Be nice as always
*I want to ask that if you are going to answer q's that you would join the community first, That way i can post banners for winners and such and you won't forget that you took quiz's i would, but prefer not to make guest apperences on your journal to tell you to pick up banners Thanks!!
*If you have a comment on something or have a problem with something take it up with me gripkid
*Don't pimp your community's that don't have anything to do with these show's/actors on these show's
*Most importantly HAVE FUN!!

In case anybody is interested in joining anymore community's affialiated with this community here are a couple!